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Frequently Asked Questions

What license do I need to legally ride a trike or quad bike on the road?

You will need to have the B1 entitlement on your drivers license. It can either be in the form of a sub category of entitlement B (the regular full car test) or recieved specifically when you pass a standard motorcycle driving test.

B1 refers to any light tricycles / quadricycles (three or four wheeled) motor powered vehicle that does not exceed 550kg. For this reason, your car license may not specifically display the B1 category - as it's already covered under the B category.

Don't just take our word for it! You can read more about license
entitlements on the website - located here

Great! I've got the license - but what insurance do I need?

Lets face it, Quad bikes and Trikes aren't mainstream road vehicles. They're out of the ordinary and just that bit different! (But you're not doing this to be ordinary now are you?) So the chances are that your usual car insurance provider probably wouldn't be able to insure your quad - leaving you having to look around for specialist motor insurance.

But don't fret! We've got you covered! Here at Genata, we've got agreements with a few insurance companies to get you the best insurance deal. Please contact us for further information.

Ok! Got it. Is there anything else I need?

Eager are we? I don't blame you! But lets run through. You've got your quad, valid UK driving license (with B1 entitlement) and insurance. But what we've not mentioned yet is that you'll also need: an MOT (unless the vehicle is under three years old), road tax and a numberplate to the rear (front plate isn't required).

Whilst they aren't legally required, it'll be a good idea to wear protective clothing: Helmet, gloves, sturdy boots, etc. If you skip these - do you remember grazing your knee as a kid? Imagine that times a million!!

I get your point! I'm off to the shops for the right gear!

Good lad. When you do get out on the road: Keep it sane - Keep it safe! But remember to have fun! :)



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